MUSASHI Precision Dispenser SuperSIGMA

Fully digitally controlled pressure-time dispenser
Musashi SuperSIGMA CMIII

Data sheet (PDF)

One of the most universal and widespread metering principles is the pressure-time system. This system has been tried and tested for years and is suitable for many applications. However, in recent years the demands on precision have increased significantly in order to be able to precisely dispense even minimal quantities. At the same time, the physical boundary conditions and interfering influences. Consequently, MUSASHI has developed dosing systems that avoid or compensate for these interferences.

The graph opposite shows the course of the pressure inside the cartridge. The pressure increases when the pneumatic valve is opened. The desired dispensing pressure is only reached reached after a delay. This delay phase has an undefined effect on the dispensing quantity. The smaller the required dispensing quantity, the shorter the pressure pulse and the pressure pulse and the greater the dosing quantity fluctuations. MUSASHI Engineering stabilises the pressure pulse by shortening the time it takes to build up pressure. (AirPulse Stabilising Circuit). This is achieved by precise pressure regulators with low hysteresis, extremely fast switching valves and an additional pressure accumulator. pressure accumulator. In this way, the time required to build up pressure can be significantly shortened and the dispensing results can also be significantly improved.

For extremely fine dispensings, the changing ratios in the cartridge also have an effect. When the cartridge is emptied, the ratio of compressible air and almost incompressible metering material changes. This changes the time of the pressure build-up.
Musashi SuperSIGMA CMIII
Pressure pulse for pressure-time dispensers

Pressure curve of cartridge
Level detection depending on the
pressure curve supported by Air Pulse
Stability Circuit

The graph opposite shows the effects and a measure for compensation. Area A shows the pressure curve for a full cartridge. If the material volume in the cartridge decreases, the proportion of compressible air increases and thus the time to reach the dosing pressure. This delays the dispensing process process is delayed and the dosing volume is reduced for highly viscous media.

With MUSASHI's SIGMA function, the controller detects the delay until the dispensing pressure is reached and extends the dispensing pulse to compensate for the influence of the delay and stabilise the dispensing volume. delay and stabilise the dispensing quantity.
Vakuum in Abhängigkeit vom Füllstand der Kartusche
Time for pressure build-up

Technical Data Super SIGMA
(Deviations possible depending on the material to be dispensed)

Dispensing methodIntelligent pressure time
Viscosity Material1-1.000.000 mPa*s
smallest point sizes0,1-0,2 mm
FeedCartridge 3-100 ml
Weight dispensing head0,1-0.3 kg
Controller dimensions325x250x102 mm
Max. distance Controller - Dispensing head1,5m
ParameterPressure, time, vacuum, sigma corrections
Number of parameter sets100
FunctionsVacuum, SIGMA-Functions

Data sheet (PDF)


Dispensing silver and solder pastes Super SIGMA
Dispensing silver and solder pastes
Dispensing silver and solder pastes Super SIGMA
Gluing in microlenses Super SIGMA
Gluing in microlenses
Dispensing adhesives Super SIGMA
Dispensing adhesives

Due to its precision, MUSAHSI's SuperSIGMA pressure-time dispenser can be used in many applications. The following is an exemplary list of possible possible applications.
Electronics manufacturing
  • Dispensing solder paste
  • Dispensing conductive adhesive
  • Underfill
  • GlobTop / Encapsulation
  • Dam & Fill
  • Potting
  • Bonding components
Electronics assembly
  • Gluing plastic parts
  • Housing seals
  • Potting of terminal contacts
  • Gluing ferrite cores
Optics and precision mechanics
  • Gluing displays
  • Gluing in microlenses
  • Fibre optics
  • Confection
  • Precision lubrication
Automotive and Aerospace
  • Potting & sealing of components
  • Apply liquid sealants
  • Dry lubricant
  • Structural bonding
  • Marking of components
Medical technology
  • Gluing plastic parts
  • Needle Bonding
Industrial assembly and manufacturing
  • Apply screw locking lacquer
  • Marking of components
  • Fixing components

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