MUSASHI 2C Dispenser

Mechanical feeders are suitable for media with fillers or high viscosity. Depending on the application and material properties, screw feeders, piston feeders and screw feeders are suitable.

Dispensing devices

MUSASHI-Spindle dispenser-MSD3

High-performance spindle dispenser SCREW MASTER 3

For all materials whose safe application with high speed and precision is a special challenge, such as solder paste, silver paste, epoxy resin, grease, etc.

Data sheet (PDF)

MUSASHI-Screw dispenser MonhoMaster


The Mohno type dispenser, MOHNOMASTER is excellent for high precision dispensing of high viscosity fluids such as sealant dispensing for liquid seals, e.g. FIPG and CIPG for engine parts and optical bonding and waterproof sealing for display parts.

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MEASURING MASTER MPP-1/MPP-3 is a digitally controlled volumetric dispenser that enables the constant dispensing of liquids with variable viscosity.
The unit is suitable for applications such as underfilling and potting, precise and constant filling with oil, injecting electrolyte solution into batteries of of various types, dispensing ink, etc.

Data sheet MPP1(PDF)
Data sheet MPP3 (PDF)



For the new NANO MASTER SMP series with digital control, MUSASHI has developed a controlled piston especially for micro-dispensing. The SMP-III enables dispensing of the smallest quantities down to 1/1,000,000 ml, the fully digital control ensures excellent reproducibility. It is suitable for applications in a wide range of fields - from research and development to mass production of electronic components, optical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Data sheet (PDF)

MUSASHI Rotor hose dispensing unit MT-410

Rotor hose dispensing unit MT-410

For low-viscosity media, such as instant adhesives. Optimal for bonding with high accuracy and small dispensing quantities. Easy and problem-free quantity adjustment. There is no dripping and no bubble formation , even with low viscosity media.

Data sheet (PDF)

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