MUSASHI Jet Dispenser

One dispensing method that is becoming more and more important due to its advantages is jetting. The material to be dispensed is pressed into the dispensing chamber with uniform pressure. There, a moving piston accelerates the paste / medium and flings the material through the nozzle onto the substrate, similar to an inkjet printer. Depending on the material to be dispensed, the working distance can be several millimetres. Since there are no dispensing needles, the process is robust against height tolerances. The dispensed quantity is determined solely by the dispensing chamber, the mechanical and the number of dots to be dispensed and is therefore precise and reproducible.

Dispensing devices


Very fast jet dispenser, 330 dot/s
Musashi AeroJet

Data sheet (PDF)

  • Also suitable for solder paste
  • High speed dosing of medium to high viscosity materials
  • MUSASHI's jet mechanism ensures ultra-small spot metering
  • High repeatability and reproducibility when dispensing
  • Equipped with valve temperature control as standard


Jet dispensers for highly viscous media
Musashi SuperHiJet

Data sheet (PDF)

  • For a viscosity range of up to 1.000.000 mPa*s
  • With piezo technology
  • Precise application control
  • Plunger exchangeable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact design. Can be used with multihead systems
  • Designed for use with UV, solder paste, silicone and other materials


Very fast jet dispenser, 330 dot/s
Musashi CyberJet

Data sheet (PDF)

  • High-speed dispensing of low-viscosity materials
  • Minimal contamination with the medium to be dispensed
  • High repeatability and reproducibility when dispensing
  • Optionally with mixing devices for dispensing emulsions

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