MUSASHI dispensing needles and accessories the basis for precision dispensing

Pastes and liquids are supplied in cartridges. The more precise the application and the smaller the quantity to be dispensed, the smaller the cartridge. MUSASHI has cartridges from 1-100 ml as well as large cartridges up to 340 ml. The complete system (for pressure-time dispenser) consists of:

1. hose, 2. adapter, 3. cartridge, 4. piston and 5. dispensing needle

MUSASHI as a manufacturer of precision dispensing systems also offers a matching cartridge and dispensing needle system:

1. the hose is flexible but very dimensionally stable. This avoids volume changes due to the dispensing impulse.

The adapter connects to the MUSASHI cartridges.

3. MUSASHI has a wide variation of cartridges from 1 ml to 100 ml made of polypropylene (silicone-free),

with calibrated inner diameter and high wall thickness. This allows the plunger to glide without "jerking". The cartridges are available in transparent, coloured, UV-proof, ESD and stainless steel versions. and as stainless steel cartridge.

4. Depending on the material property, there are four different pistons, some with wiper function.

The outlet is calibrated in the outer diameter to enable reproducible clamping in the dispensing system. reproducible clamping in the dispensing system. The outlet has a 6° cone and is suitable for LuerLock dispensing needles.

5. The MUSASHI precision needles have a double thread instead of the "LuerLock ears".

This also provides sufficient support and good positioning, even when plastic needles are used.

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