Application examples for dispensing technology

There is a wide range of applications in which liquids and pastes are dispensed with positional accuracy and high reproducibility.
Below is a small overview with a compilation of materials and dosing systems, structured according to the technology areas / industries:
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Electrical assembly
  • Optics and precision mechanics
  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Industrial assembly and manufacturing
  • Medical technology

Electrical engineering

Dispensing solder paste Solder pastes, sinter pastes, silver pastesPrinted circuit boards, contacts, plugs, switches
Leitkleber dosieren Printed circuit boards, 3D-MID
Dispensing heat conducting adhesive Thermally conductive adhesive
Dispensing fluxing agentFlux, flux gelPrinted circuit boards, contacts, plugs, switches
Underfill Epoxy resinsSmart phone, notebooks, control units
GlobeTop / Encapsulation Epoxy resins, high temperature adhesives Printed circuit boards, CoB, LCD displays
Dam and Fill Epoxy resins Printed circuit boards, FPC
Conformal Coating Protective coatings, UV adhesives Printed circuit boards
LED potting Silicones with abrasive fillers LEDs, LED lighting
Potting Epoxy resins, PUR, Silicones Printed circuit boards, contacts, plugs, switches
Bonding components SMT SMT adhesive SMD before soldering
Fixing components 1C-component adhesives, silicones, 2C-component adhesives, HotMelt Printed circuit boards, contacts, plugs, switches

Electrical assembly

Dispensing heat conducting adhesive Thermally conductive adhesive Power electronics, converters
Bonding of plastic parts UV adhesives Housing, Displays
Housing seals Acrylic adhesives, silicone adhesivesIlluminations, switches, sensors
Potting of terminal contacts Acrylic adhesives Plugs, switches, sensors, coils, cables
Glue ferrite cores Anaerobic adhesives Electrical components

Optics and fine mechanics

Gluing displays Dual bond adhesives, optical adhesives Mobile phones, views, Displays
Gluing in microlenses Dual bond adhesives, optical adhesives Cameras, endoscopes, micro-optics
Fabricate fibre optics 2K-Epoxy Fibre optics, light guides
Precision lubrication Greases, precision mechanics oils Watches
Aligning and fixing light sources CA adhesive Laser, Optical fibre

Automotive and Aerospace

Potting and sealing of components Fuel sensor, control units, locking systems
Apply liquid sealants Silicones Motors, gearboxes, pumps, control units, lighting elements
Dry lubricant dispensing PTFE-Lubricants Sliding roof, interior, sun visor
Oiling and greasing moving parts Oils and greases, bonded coatings Window regulators, seat adjusters, Bowden cables, locking systems, wiper blade coatings
Gluing plastic parts UV-Adhesives Switches, sensors, coverings, caps
Structural adhesive Composite materials, covers, claddings, fasteners, side windows
Oil shaft-scar connections Oils Motors, drives, pumps
Greasing bores and cylinders Spray greases Motors, drives, pumps
Electronics manufacturing Solder paste, flux, protective lacquer Navigation systems, driver assistance systems, air conditioning, control units, Entertainment
Marking of components Inks, colours Wiring harnesses, variant parts, IN/NIO markings

Industrial assembly and manufacturing

Apply screw locking lacquer Anaerobic adhesives Gearboxes, shafts
Marking of components Inks, colours IO/NIO marking
Fill colour areas Colours Emblems
Apply grease to bearing Fats Ball bearings and shafts
Grease gear wheels of gearboxes Fats Electric drives
Grease plastic gears Fats Small gears, hand tools
Thread oilingMineral and synthetic oilsScrew fittings
Gluing plastic parts UV-Adhesives Housing
Gluing magnets NoMix adhesive Electric motors, generators
Fixing components CA adhesives
Grease O-rings and rubber sleeves Greases, Vaseline
Fix cover caps CA adhesives
Structural bonding 2C epoxy adhesives, polyurethane adhesives
Filling liquids Miscellaneous media

Medical technology

Filling liquids Miscellaneous media Reagents
Gluing plastic parts UV adhesives Blood pump, analysers
Adhesives dispensing UV adhesives Catheters, dispensing / injection needles
Casting components Flexible Acrylate

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