MUSASHI Dispensing robot ShotMaster and Image Master 350PC smart

Dispensing robots or table-top robots have several areas of application: from process validation in the laboratory, through small-batch production to series production with single station in the lean concept (Chaku-Chaku).

Universal dispensing robot ShotMaster SX and OX

The ShotMaster SX dispensing robot is offered in 4 sizes with travel ranges from 200x200x50 mm to 500x500x80 mm. The stable kinematics with an X-axis arranged on the chassis which carries the workpiece table, allows a payload of 15 kg for workpieces. The fixed Y-portal with integrated Z-axis allows a high load a high payload of 7 kg for the tools. The OMEGA version even allows workpiece loads of up to 20 kg and 15 kg for tools. This torsionally stiff construction allows the highest precision. The machines impress not only with their precision and load capacity, but also with their speed. The axes enable traverse movements at speeds of up to 800 mm/s. This sets new standards for the ShotMaster SX. The ShotMaster SX thus sets new standards. This also applies to the compact construction. With a working area of 200x200 mm, a footprint of 300x300 mm is sufficient. This makes the MUSASHI ShotMaster SX200 one of the most compact TableTops and is therefore ideally suited for laboratories, clean rooms or series production in the lean concept.
Musashi ShotMaster-SX
The Shot Master SX and OX can be programmed via the teach pendant or via the standard PC software. In order to create dispensing programmes with a minimum of MuCAD-V offers a number of helpful functions for this purpose. To simplify programming, a picture or the CAD data of the assembly can be read in. can be read in. The assembly is displayed in the background. Dispensing points and paths can be defined with a mouse click. The dosing parameters are added via menu and off you go.

Automatic measurement of the dispensing needle

The automatic measurement of the dispensing needle is also helpful. The dispensing tip is measured in xyz and the coordinates of the programme are automatically corrected. automatically corrected. This reduces the setup effort for production to a minimum.
Musashi ShotMaster-SX Needle measurement


The integration of the dispensing systems is unique. MUSASHI is the only manufacturer that develops and produces dispensing systems and tabletops. Therefore, the ShotMaster SX tabletop robot is optimally designed for dispensing applications. The ShotMaster SX easily masters one of the usual challenges. with a flick of the wrist. When dispensing webs, corners and curves are a particular challenge. In order to go around a "corner", the end effector must move linearly, decelerate to a maximum decelerate to the maximum, change direction and accelerate extremely. Otherwise the "corner" becomes round, i.e. the movement path shows an "over-grinding". The ShotMaster SX has optimal acceleration values. Furthermore, there is a special function: the "Elbow" movement command, in which the parameters of the "Elbow" movement are defined. parameters of the movement for "overgrinding" can be defined. In addition, the dispensing process can be optimised for the "corner". For the relevant the robot sends a signal to the dosing system, which switches to a different set of parameters for a short period of time in order to adapt the dosing to the reduced web speed. dosing to the reduced web speed.
ShotMaster-SX-SynchroSpeed 2

ShotMaster as a universal platform for different tasks

The ShotMaster SX and OX thus offer the optimal platform for the realisation of dispensing processes such as bonding, coating, greasing, oiling, etc. The simple, graphical programming and 26 freely available digital IOs also enable the integration of other peripherals and thus expand the range of applications for the ShotMaster. ShotMaster: the optimum solution for everything.

Bonding = dosing + joining + curing

One example is the dispensing of adhesives. Automated dispensing makes the process reproducible and of high quality. Often part of the adhesive dispensing also includes precise and time-defined joining. For this purpose, additional grippers can be mounted on the Z-axis and controlled via the flexible IOs. and controlled via the flexible IOs. For example, first the adhesive is dispensed in the joint groove. Then the cover is picked up with a suction pad and joined immediately. joined. As an experienced machine builder, ATN develops the grippers, programs the processes and supplies its customers with the complete solution.

The curing of light-initiated adhesives can also be integrated into the ShotMaster. As a rule, a UV area lamp is used for this purpose. Depending on the type of adhesive, LEDs with wavelengths of 365 nm, 400 nm or 460 nm are used. To simplify handling, the light-tight enclosure is carried out locally. For this purpose, a collar is attached around the joining areas, into which the UV lamp with its 100 x 100 mm is immersed and the working area is sealed light-tight.

ShotMaster: Deckel montieren
ShotMaster: Glasshandling

Configurable screwdriving robot for automated assembly

With an automatic screw dispenser and a high-quality screwdriving spindle, the ShotMaster becomes a screwdriving robot. The screws are fed in and separated automatic screw dispenser and separated. The screwdriving spindle with several interchangeable tools sucks the screw, removes it from the screw dispenser and guides it to the screwdriving position. from the screw dispenser and guides it to the screwdriving position. There, the screwdriving process begins: the spindle generates the screwdriving movement, the Z-axis is lowered, so that the compensation unit presses the screw down with a low continuous force. The MuDrive software enables intuitive, convenient and efficient programming on a PC. The different configurations allow the screwdriving robot to be optimally adapted to the respective application. application. Depending on the screw type (M1-M4), there are two screw dispensers and four screw spindles with a torque between 0.03 nm and 1.5 Nm.

ShotMaster: Screw machine
ShotMaster: Screw tool

ShotMaster for benefit cutting and deburring

By installing a milling spindle with suction, the ShotMaster-SX can be used for blank cutting. The suction with two suction nozzles directly on the spindle spindle removes the residues before they can contaminate the environment. After each programme start, a light barrier checks whether the milling cutter is is broken. Graphic programming facilitates programme creation, especially for more complex blank geometries. With the adapted milling cutters the ShotMaster-SX is also suitable for deburring injection-moulded parts.

ShotMaster: Separate benefits
ShotMaster: Deburring

Hot caulking of plastic fasteners

In combination with the PulseStaker from HTE, the ShotMaster-SX is suitable for hot caulking of plastics, i.e. for forming thermoplastic plastic cones under the influence of heat and force. This process is used, for example, to fix printed circuit boards in plastic housings. In this process, rivets or domes made of plastic are rivets or plastic domes are caulked, edges and rims are flanged or formed. Additional materials such as screws, adhesives or staples are no longer needed. The shaping tip, The shaping tip, matched to the desired head size, is designed as a resistor. Infinitely adjustable current heats it up to the melting temperature of the thermoplastic in a fraction of a second. of the thermoplastic. At the end of the pre-set cycle, compressed air is supplied through the inside of the rivet head for cooling. With this process thermoplastic materials such as PP, PBT, PA, POM, PC or PE (also with different glass fibre or carbon fibre contents) are caulked.

Dispensing robot Image Master 350PC Smart with 3D measurement

In line with the highly automated inline dispensers, MUSASHI Engineering also offers a version with vision system and laser sensor for 3D measurement.

The Image Master 350PC Smart version reduces the setup effort to the absolute minimum and is optimally suited for development departments or in the production, when the geometry of the parts requires it to be measured before dispensing.

Image-Master PC350 with 3D measurement
ShotMaster: Technical data

The 3D measurement of tool and workpiece is simple and saves a lot of time when setting up a new application. The dispensing programme can be created and edited on the PC. CAD data or images can also be read in. The adaptation of the prepared programme to the real geometry is considerably simplified by the mapping function. simplified by the mapping function. The selected section is approached with the camera and zoomed in so that the programmed positions can be transferred to the real positions with a mouse click. positions can be moved to the real positions with a mouse click. The 3D measurement with automatic Z-correction ensures a constant dosing distance which is an essential prerequisite for exact dispensing. In addition, the system offers numerous functions for process evaluation. With the help of With the help of the image processing functions, the dispensing results can be measured directly in the machine. This saves time and increases accuracy. The The protocol function for saving images and image sections facilitates documentation.

In production, 3D measurement enables maximum precision and optimum dispensing results, even if the product contours are subject to tolerances. are subject to tolerances. Before dispensing, prominent points and contours of the product are measured and the positions and paths are automatically adjusted in the dispensing programme.

Touch panel-PC

The clear display of all programme and dosing parameters facilitates the creation and implementation of even complex dispensing programmes.
Image-Master: Touch panel

Zero point correction

The automatic height measurement and the simple XY measurement of the 1st metering point easily corrects deviations after changing or cleaning the metering tool or material cartridge. or cleaning of the metering tool or the material cartridge.
Image-Master: Zero point correction


Die Koordinaten der Programmpunkte werden offline erstellt oder per Mausklick am Kamerabild (Vollansicht) definiert. Danach werden die Positionen mit dem Fadenkreuz der Kamera angefahren und in der Detailansicht per Mausklick „feinjustiert“.
Image-Master: Mapping-Funktion

3D Alignment function, profiling function

With the image processing system, displacements and rotations of the workpieces and workpiece carriers are detected and compensated. The function Height measurement and correction ensures constant dispensing distances and dispensing results, even when the workpiece is tilted or has deviations in shape.
Image-Master: 3D Alignment function, profiling function

Integrated length measurement for evaluating the dispensing results

Several iterations are usually required from the creation of the first programme version to the final programme with final metering parameters. Dispensing - measuring - observing - parameter variation With the possibility of carrying out the measurement directly in the machine, this effort is considerably reduced.
Image-Master: Integrated length measurement

Dispensing systems

Due to the standardised interfaces from MUSASHI, the ShotMaster SX and OX dispensing robots, the Image Master 350PC Smart and also the gantry robots. CrossMaster SX, OX and 350PCSmart XMOX can be equipped with all MUSASHI dispensing systems. The extensive product range offers solutions for a multitude of different media and dispensing tasks.

The following dispenser types are available:
  • Pressure-time dispenser (AirPulse Dispenser Types)
  • Jet Dispenser
  • Mechanical Dispenser
  • Dispensing valves

ATN Automatisierungstechnik Niemeier GmbH

ATN from Berlin has been a sales and service partner for Musashi Engineering for several years and has extensive experience with the ShotMaster and the Image Master as well as its programming and integration.

ATN supplies a CE-compliant enclosure with light grid as well as corresponding adapters for converting the IO signals to the PNP standard commonly used in Europe. ATN also designs, constructs and manufactures the corresponding tool carriers and part fixtures, supports the user during programming and installation and, if desired, trains the employees in the respective application. and, on request, trains the employees in the respective application.

ATN Accessories for MUSAHSI table-top robots
  • CE conform housing
  • PNP-NPN-Adapter
  • Customised workpiece carriers

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