Universal jet valve for many materials
Musashi Jet-Dispenser AeroJet

Jetting is a process-safe and resource-saving method for dispensing liquids and pastes. The material is pressed with uniform pressure from the cartridge into a dispensing chamber. There, a moving piston accelerates the dispensed amount and jets the material through a nozzle onto the substrate, similar to an inkjet printer. an inkjet printer.

The dispensing chamber is air-conditioned and thus keeps the viscosity of the medium approximately constant at the time of dispensing. Viscosity fluctuations in the cartridge are thus are thus compensated. The emptying of the cartridge is also significantly better than with conventional dispensing methods. In contrast to the pressure pulse pressure pulse process is low and constant. In addition, no vertical movement of the system is required for the dispensing process. Consequently, there is also no segregation in the cartridge.
The AeroJet is not only process-safe, but also impresses with minimal process times. Thanks to the reduced Z-stroke, dispensing takes only a few milliseconds. milliseconds: up to 333 dots/s are possible. This means that dispensing cycle times can be significantly reduced.

The medium to be dispensed only contaminates the exchangeable dosing chamber and the dosing plunger and can be adapted to the special features of a variety of media by exchanging them. media by replacing them.

In addition, there are still some variants:
  • AeroJet Standard for low to medium viscosity materials
  • AeroJet Solder for low to high viscosity materials
  • AeroJet Anaerobic for anaerobic adhesives
  • AeroJet HotMelt with special heating for HotMelt adhesives

Technical Data AeroJet
(Deviations possible depending on the material to be dispensed)

Dispensing methodJetten
Viscosity Material50-1.000.000 mPa*s
Smallest point sizes0,3-0,5 mm
FeedCartridge 5-100 ml
Weight dispensing head0,5-0,6 kg
Controller dimensions300x200x100 mm
Max. Distance controller dispensing head10 m
ParameterOn-/Off-Time, Number of dots
Number of parameter sets100
FunctionsPoint / Line Mode

Data sheet (PDF)


Dispensing solder paste
Dispensing solder paste
Conformal-Coating AeroJet
Conformal Coating
Dispensing fats and oils AeroJet
Dispensing fats and oils
Dispensing adhesives AeroJet
Dispensing adhesives
Housing seals AeroJet
Housing seals

Due to its flexibility, the AeroJet jet dispenser from MUSAHSI can be used in many applications. The following is a list of possible applications.
Electronics manufacturing
  • Dispensing solder paste
  • Dispensing conductive adhesive
  • Dispensing heat conducting
  • adhesive
  • Underfill
  • GlobTop / Encapsulation
  • Dam & Fill
  • Conformal Coating
  • Bonding components
Electrical assembly
  • Bonding of plastic parts
  • Housing seals
  • Potting of terminal contacts
  • Glue ferrite cores
Optics and fine mechanics
  • Bonding Displays
  • Gluing in microlenses
  • Fibre optics
  • Confection
  • Precision greasing
Automotive and Aerospace
  • Oiling and greasing moving parts
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Marking of components
Medical technology
  • Gluing plastic parts
  • Needle bonding
Industrial assembly & manufacturing
  • Fill colour areas
  • Apply grease to bearing
  • Grease gear wheels of gearboxes
  • Grease plastic gears
  • Glueing magnets

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