Spindle dispenser ScrewMaster-MSD3

The ScrewMaster spindle metering valve from MUSASHI also feeds the material from a cartridge or large cartridge. With the switched inlet pressure, the material is cartridge into the metering chamber, where a motor-driven spindle with its threads presses the material through the metering needle via the outlet. through the metering needle. Different spindles are available depending on the application and the desired delivery volume.

Easy needle change and cleaning also suitable for highly viscous materials (1.000.000 mPa*s)

Technical data

(Deviations possible depending on the material to be dispensed)

MSD3-Set1: Feed: Cartridge (5-70mL), Tank
MSD3-Set3: Feed: Euro Cartridge, 300 ml Cartridge, Tank

ScrewMaser MSD3
Dispensing methodSpindle dispensing valve
Viscosity material75.000-1.000.000 mPa*s
Smallest point sizes0,2-0,3 mm
FeedCartridge 5-330ml
Weight dispensing head1,0-1,5 kg
Controller dimensions300x250x100 mm
Max. Distance controller dispensing head10 m
ParameterSpeed, Time, Pre pressure
Number of parameter sets400


Dispensing silver paste
Dispensing silver paste
Dispensing solder paste
Dispensing solder paste

Due to its dispensing accuracy, the ScrewMaster MSD3 spindle dispenser from MUSAHSI can be used in many applications. The following is an exemplary list of possible applications.

Electronics manufacturing
  • Heat conductive adhesive
  • Underfill
  • GlobTop / Encapsulation
  • Dam & Fill
  • LED potting
  • Potting
  • Heat conductive adhesive
  • Housing seals
  • Glue ferrite cores
Optics and fine mechanics
  • Bonding of Displays
Automotive and Aerospace
  • Potting and sealing
  • of components
  • Apply liquids
  • Electronics manufacturing
Medical technology
  • Filling liquids
  • Casting components
Industrial assembly & manufacturing
  • Glueing magnets
  • Structural adhesive
  • Fill liquids

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