MUSASHI AirPulse Dispenser

Dispensing principle

One of the most universal and widespread dispensing principles is the pressure-time system. The material to be dispensed is fed into cartridges. The dosing needle is used to adapt to the material and the dispensing point. The lower the viscosity and the smaller the amount to be dispensed, the smaller the needles used. are used. Dispensing takes place via a pressure pulse on the material surface inside the cartridge. The air presses down on the material and pushes it it through the dispensing needle onto the dispensing point. For this purpose, an electro-pneumatic valve "switches through" the compressed air applied from outside for a short period of time.
Pressure-time dispenser parameters

The pressure that is then built up in the cartridge can be adjusted with a mechanical regulator. Individual systems differ in the quality of the of the components used, e.g. switching speed of the valve or hysteresis of the regulator. In the case of the "intelligent" pressure-time dispensers, the pressure is pressure regulation via electronics. This is much more precise and the parameters can be set via the serial interface.
Pressure-time dispenser pressure manometer Pressure-time dispenser Electronic
When dispensing low-viscosity liquids, the material often drips. Therefore, a dispensing needle as small as possible should be used. In addition, a vacuum a vacuum function. However, it is important that the vacuum is set correctly. If the vacuum is too high, the liquid is drawn into the needle and mixes with air pockets. with air pockets. If the vacuum is too low, the liquid pours out of the dispensing needle.
Pressure-time dispenser Vacuum

Dispensing devices


Fully digitally controlled air pulse pressure-time dispenser

Data sheet (PDF)

  • Excellent for repeatable, constant dispensing
  • Uniform control/monitoring of the unit from external
  • Visualisation of the initial dispensing parameters
  • Super SIGMA Functions monitor cartridge pressure and movement in the
  • cartridge and correct them in case of changing parameters
  • MUSASHI Precision dosing units increase dosing accuracy
  • New: Fine adjustments to the Super SIGMA correction mode can be made completely
  • Controlled from the unit
  • Dispensing parameters can be set thanks to the special MuCom software for
  • Super SIGMA CM changed by the PC.
  • CE conform

ML808GX (AirPulse Dispenser)

Digitally controlled pressure-time dispenser
  • Excellent for repeatable, constant dispensing
  • Uniform control/monitoring of the unit from external
  • Dispensing parameters can be set thanks to the special MuCom 808 software
  • from the PC
  • CE conform

  • For manual dispensing and dispensing with robots
  • MUSASHI Pressure stabilisation
  • CE conform


ECO Dispenser

Data sheet (PDF)

  • Dispensers with outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Vacuum function to avoid dripping
  • Two dispensing functions "Manual" and "Timer"
  • Effortless operation thanks to signal function that reports the end
  • of the dosing process
  • Wide input voltage range for international use

Overview of the MUSASHI Pressure-time dispenser

MS-1ML-5000ML-808Super Sigma CM
Pressure regulatormechanicalmechanical (high precision)electronicelectronic
Regulator vacuummechanicalmechanicalmechanicalelectronic
Active pressure stabilisationX
Time controlTime relayTime relayµ-Controllerµ-Controller
Timer functionPressurePressurePressure/VacuumPressure/Vacuum
Parameter AdaptionXXauto-increment (slope function)automatic
Handshake for start signal
Programming softwareXXMuCOM-808MuCOM-SIGMA
Parameter setsXX400400
Viscosity compensationXX
Filling level detectionXXX
Super SIGMA functionsXXX

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