Automated dispensing of various materials - ATN and MUSASHI make it possible

ATN Automatisierungstechnik Niemeier GmbH is an authorized service and distribution partner for MUSASHI Engineering dispensing systems. The ATN was founded in 1996 from the Production Technology Center Berlin (PTZ) of the TU Berlin. ATN employs 40 people today. The ATN team is characterized by a high level of knowledge about processes and applications.
For the dispensing technology sector, we work together with the Japanese specialist MUASASHI-Engineering. With its intelligent and patented AirPuls-Dispenser and unique jetting technology, Musashi is the world's technology leader in dispensing. In addition, there are jet dispensers for non-contact dispensing and numerous other dispensing systems for special applications. In addition to dispensing systems, MUSAHSI also offers automation in the form of ShotMaster bench robots, CrossMaster inline stations and complete dispensing inline machine such as the FAD 2500.
As a machine builder, ATN not only supplies the dispensing systems or complete machines, but also implements add-ons, such as CE-compliant housings and workpiece carriers for the ShotMaster desktop robots or complete dispensing stations for integration into fully automatic lines.
In addition to the MUSAHSI dispesing technology, ATN also offers Soldering robots, SMD placement machines and systems for induction heating.